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Re: Suggest an album.

Borrowed a Gary Numan album from a friend this week, "Pure". I wouldn't have thought it was my sort of thing, but it's a great album; it seems that, as Nine Inch Nails took inspiration from people like Gary Numan a couple of decades ago, he's taking a bit of inspiration from NIN. A similar, industrial metal sound. Except that I actually prefer this to any of NIN's output.

The trouble with listening to metal is that musically, it often doesn't paint emotions for the listener, it relies more on lyrics for that. The most emotion you often get from metal is for the band to switch from a clean sounding arpeggio to a heavy, crunching riff. Or vice versa. With this, the music was could easily have spoke even without Numan's vocals; which, by the way, are also excellent. Very atmospheric, and a joy for an old-school metalhead to listen to. Which I wouldn't have expected to say.

My favorite song off that album:
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