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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Rage - Mutant Bash TV for iPhone/iPod

I played the HD version of this rail-shooter. It's a technical marvel and really impressive what id software can sqeeze out of the iDevices. Especially considering how much muddy texturework I've seen elsewhere on 3D-iDevice-games. The controls also work quite well (in theory, see below). You use the gyro to aim and the touchscreen to reload, change and fire weapons etc. The sound is also pretty nice, the weapons have proper sounds and the little voicework that is there is also quite neat.

However, I have three issues with it.

First: the camera movement feels jerky. Unlike many other rail-shooters the cross-hair is always in the center and with the tilt (or swipe if you use an alternative control method) you change your viewpoint. This is where the trouble starts: since the movement is controlled by the game you can get this weird disconnect when you e.g. tilt to the left to pick up some power-ups but the game suddenly decides to turn quickly to the right. I never felt in control of what was happening on the screen, which is a bad thing for an action game.

Second: it's very short, given it's meaty download size of more than 700mb I expected a much longer game. I don't contemplate that much about the value for money since it's less than a for the regular and less than 2 for the HD version and the score attack with soon-to-come online leaderboards give you replay-value if this is your kind of thing.

Third: more from an aesthetic standpoint it's just an ugly game. Sure, postapocalyptic yadda-yadda-yadda, but the few levels don't really show much of a variety. Your blasting away the same few enemy types over and over. If you make a game to show off your awesome tech, show us some nice things to look at dammit!
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