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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Super Meat Boy
I have only done so far the Light World part and as i already had "some" trouble getting through i doubt i will ever manage to beat the Dark World.
Very hard, but not at all frustrating. Except the level before the end boss. It was the first level were i had to stop permanent running, holding LT constantly, but i just forgot that and jumped repeatedly with the energy of the turbo into death... a lot of times... after getting the idea how it would be easier it really suddenly was easy. Damn stupid me. All together with some chapters of Dark World and the Bonus stages i discovered, stats say i died glorious 3500 times.
I didn't like the ventilator segments. While everything else was also sort of pixel precise hard, there i never got a feeling for the correct approach. Passing was more luck than anything else.
As my brother finished NSMBwii recently and i watched him play some levels, it appeared to me that SMB really just copied a lot of the old SMB formulas. But everything compressed and with more speed. So it persuaded me, a 2d JnR denier since SML on the Game Boy, to a fan.
I don't have to run through a rather long level to get to the specific jump i already missed more than once. Here i just restart and in some seconds, some jumps later i'm already there for my next try.
SMB was similar to Trackmania. Instant restart until you beat the time and each retry never takes long.

What i missed a little was some epicness World of Goo had. Ok, the characters were cute in a weird way, and the music was some nice reverence to old arcade music, i guess, and variety was fulfilled in each chapter, but although it made nothing particularly wrong in my perception, there was the constant feel that it could be a bit better with a somewhat more ingenious developer.
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