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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Vanquish - if I have to describe Vanquish in 3 words it would be: awesome, awesome and checkpoint. I died 102 times while playing the campaign once, thus I saw 'restart from checkpoint' quite often. However, since it's so awesome I didn't have a problem with it. Main reason for dying were one-hit-wonder abilities of various bosses which can be seen quite clearly. But since I rather fired one more rocket than pressing X (dodge) to not die I guess I'm to blame myself for roughly 90 of the deaths. The other dozen deaths were because I got confused with the camera at one particulary nasty boss who likes to wallwalk. But even the credits in this game are awesome when you can blow up the designers. Everything else I think I already mentioned a couple of times in the forums here

Cut the Rope - my favourite iPod game so far. Very simple outset: cut the rope(s) to get a piece of candy to a outrageously cute little monster. Spikes, air bubbles, electricity etc. get introduced after a while and make the puzzles more and more complex. The only negative I can say about it is that it's already over after 100 puzzles or so. But considering the price of less than a I can't complain about the length and there shall be more levels in future
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