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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Got over ~95% of the gold awards in Geometry Wars Galaxies. Some levels and new enemy types were fine but overall the most fun i had in the Geometry Wars 1 style of gameplay; i.e. circling around and shooting a path through the enemies and hardly see where i'm going.
The drone feature was interesting but basically only two work fine: attack, which widens the path by shooting in the direction you yourself do and the circling drone which is good for moving not much in the more limiting levels, the other 6 hardly worked for me in any instance.
Wiimote controls work good, but maybe in any way or just because i'm used to two stick controls i am much better with the classic controller.

GW Retro Evolved on DS is included by Download to play.
Stylus controls seem ok, but similar to the wiimote-control i loose the information in which direction i shoot because pointing the stylus above the datum point doesn't feel different than pointing below. A pushed upwards stick is pushed upwards, i don't have to see the direction on screen, i know it directly because i do it.
Might need just training to master it, and for aiming precisely it is better, but in the frantic, later minutes i don't have time to aim, i move sort of intuitively.

4/6 of Arcade Unplugged Vol.1:

Geometry Wars 1
Missed the twelved achievement by 70000 points which is actually not much (with 4 bombs left... damn), but after that every retry was worse so i have to pause a little and regain motivation to do it later.
But basically i know how to do it, my high score is above 2mio, so surviving bit by bit isn't that hard anymore but getting 1mio in one run is hard.
The gameplay and the waves of enemies are very polished. There are some waves that appear harder to me, and the hardest part for me is now actually the beginning, because i am bored with it and die thus. There should have been a pro mode which leaves that slow part out.
The game modes of GW Gal. hardly differ much, but if you want variety buy that, if you want variety in the way you have to play buy GW 2, but the basic experience in "circling" is best in GW 1, with the XBox-Pad, imo.

Texas Hold'em
Too slow pacing. It's realistic to show every single player if he holds or not and rises the money, but in a game it's unnecessary. Scenarios are already tough for me, i just lack the patience to wait for really good cards, because gambling seems impossible with CPU players that can't loose nothing. Savegame which saves really every move is also hard and i lost thousands of dollars so far.

Never played i t before, explains the rules sufficiently and after winning some rounds it get's boring very fast.

Bejeweled 2
On of the most crappy games i ever played. Puzzle/ incognito mode was ok, although there is a press to win button, but the rest is nonsense or takes way too much time. At my first try in Classic mode i got to level 13 without knowing the rules, just doing what was possible without any brains, my best try after 10 hours of overall game time stopped me at level 15. Pure luck to survive. The same with action mode were seeing the matrix is necessary to survive so long until the lucky blocks fall from above that let you win the round. So you just have to invest much time to win. To win, no skill needed beside seeing the patterns faster, which is more a talent than really trainable? And endless mode takes really forever. Stopped at level 20, because i would have to go until level 280, some hundreds hours?
Pure shit as a game, awesome for wasting as much time as possible.

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