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Re: Suggest an album.

Just add QZi5Y7KgzsQ between the YouTube tags. Happened to me too a few weeks ago.

John Legend showed up at work yesterday. It is pretty cool having him perform a few feet from me. I shot this with a point-and-shoot camera.

Welcome back ckz and welcome to the boards JLB1987.

JLB, I'll pass your recommendations to my brother. He is the big metal head.
I listened to a lot of metal in the 80s, but my taste changed when I was a teen more towards electronic, avant-guarde, soul, and indie rock. Nothing against metal. I still like old Megadeth a lot.

As far as the new Squarepusher goes. It sound good. I guess it is good that he is changing it up a bit. I need to hear to entire album to make judgment.

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