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The Trickster's (my) tricks

Hello people. I am gonna show you a couple tricks of mine.
Warning some of these may not work for the empire.
1. invisible defence
this trick does not work with the empire and is not a cheat. 1st build a twinblade or if allies use a chronoshpere. 2nd build a sputnik or prospector. 3rd use the twinblade or chronoshpere to bring it to unreachable to-land-units and. 4th deploy your sputnik or prospector or MCV. 5th build anti-air/advanced base defences.

2. secret power
this works with all factions
1st. build a sputnik/prospector/generator core(s). 2nd. go to a place that isnt a place thats obvious. 3rd deploy your expansions/generators

3. invisible offence
same as last time but building 3 or more v4 rockets and 3 twinblades
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