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Re: Last movie impressions

Crackerjack; I completely agree on those extra few minutes in The Dark Knight. I wasn't too bothered about Rachel in all honesty, I thought of her as a filler character at first, and to me she surpassed that initial impression, at least. But slightly more time focused on Two-Face would have been time well spent.

RandomRob, I now intend on watching that. I'm a bit of a Will Smith fan, he's a great, versatile actor, so that sounds it's worth checking out next time I'm looking for cheap DVDs on Amazon.

Anyway, my turn again...

No Country For Old Men
I'm glad I didn't set my expectations on this film as a pure action movie; being based on a book and being two hours in length told me that there was something more to it, and I was right. This is a story about a man who takes some money who isn't his, and is then pursued by several people; one of those a sociopathic hitman. All the actors are great, especially Josh Brolin as the man on the run, and double especially Javier Bardem as the hitman. I loved it, expecially as it certainly didn't waver to the usual "happy ending" you find in far too many films these days. In fact, the ending was a bit of a shock, not what I expected, and for that reason alone I happily recommend this.
Highlight: Woody Harrelson turning up out of the blue as another of the men who is looking for Lewellyn.

Max Payne
It's bad enough the creators of this film insulted the viewer by making this dire piece of shit. I won't insult anyone by going into the "plot". I always found the story in the videogames to be interesting, solid, and pretty damned awesome. Maybe the way it was told in the games had something to do with this, but there is no doubt that the makers of the film had a wealth of stuff they could have made a halfway decent story from. They didn't. A complete waste of an opportunity. One of the worst films I've seen, ever.
Highlight: At least they chose a great lead actor in Wahlburg. He's a terrible actor in my view, but he can just about pull off the two facial expressions Max had in the game. Perfect casting.
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