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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Originally Posted by Snack Eater View Post
Been reading a lot. I still haven't finished that massive Pynchon book, but I've been reading a lot of shorter stuff. I read Animal Farm, Cat's Cradle, The Metamorphosis, and Notes from the Underground in the last two weeks, and now I'm reading Portrait of the Artist, etc. (which I like so far, ).
You have great taste. I just finished reading all of Dostoyevsky's major works a short while ago, including Notes from the Underground. It really is a favorite of mine along with Crime and Punishment. The Idiot, The Double, The Possessed, The Gambler and The Brothers Karamazov were incredible too, as was The Adolescent, which is unfortunately overlooked by many readers.

I am now reading Dead Souls by Gogol. It is also very good, and it's clear he's had a great influence on Dostoyevsky. Very interesting characters. If you like psychological novels, there's also The Red and The Black by Stendhal; it is outstanding.
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