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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

CoD4: Modern Warfare
I have already played it once on PC, more than a year ago, and spent some hours with the MP earlier this year.
Some things are great, some are really bad in SP.
Without the clever rank spamming the MP would have been very fast boring.

Now i replayed it on XBox because a friend prefers it on console. Pad feels better suited to the game he says.

I did again like some things, graphics especially for the almost wii like resolution, variety, hit feedback but disliked the overall "war is fun and you could be the hero" tone, incl. the failed drama when they forgot once that heroes never die. I can not take that serious because of the rest- Tom Clancy at age 10 could write a better story. And upmost the bad AI + triggered spawn stops.
Played it now on Veteran, compared to only Hardened on PC: if i don't love it at least let it be at the end a satisfying challenge. On this level it showed even more the lack in good AI programming. It is a game that hardly differs from the path Goldeneye went years ago. Crysis might have its issues but at least it was another evolution of the genre (like Far Cry before). The style is overwhelming but with their money a good story writing and AI programming should be possible, as it is it's too much intense style over substance.
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