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Re: Last movie impressions

Dan in Real Life
Overall i liked it, but it tried a bit too hard to construct its ending. Usually i like overly dramatic ends but not when it doesn't feel smooth. The film was clever sometimes but why has the brother to be a jerk at the end while he had this important scene were he himself decides not to lip sink anymore? Without that actually unimportant dialog it would not have mattered, but it was meaningful in this and screwed that afterwards.

Bond - Die Another Day
I really start to hate all Bonds previously to Casino Royale. They are just so involuntary funny.
The action is decades behind, the dialogs are ridiculously stupid, the characters too. Sort of AAA-trash without the style of e.g. Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor.
I can understand that in the 60s the same crap was ok, but how that icon survived unpolished until 2006 is beyond me.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The book is one of my favorites and the movie shows how good Tykwer really is. I'd say it is more unscreenable than Watchmen or Lord of the Rings was, because describing olfactory abilities work well in a book but filming them in a sort of superman style must look awkward and lead to some unavoidable misinterpretations by many viewers.
The story is great because it questions how we perceive people, ethics and the value of life, also how fear (and greed) directs decisions.
And Hoffman as the old perfumer Baldini was fantastic.
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