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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Played Ms. PacMan until Level 21 and ate 4x4 ghosts.
So everything done to get all achievements. Did not take long, but it was enough.
One of the rare old games that still are a bit fun, for a while. Compared to the crap Game Room offers, where i hardly want to consume the offered free 10minutes.

Also finished the SP achievements of Bomberman Live.
I probably will never turn into a fan of this. It's fun after some hours, but i never got really into it.
Geometry Wars is easier for me to play and master, because there i'm free to move in everywhere, also it's more clear were the enemies come from: every direction. Bomberman with its rows and columns i have to have an eye on is something that's beyond my capabilities. I can't force myself to think in this pattern.
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