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Re: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

i know that the thread is kinda old, but since i just finished the royal something mission with the damn dragon i wanted to share my newly gained wisdom ^^

i had to restart like 5-6 times, but now i know the trick.

key to win the map is to build only south of the palace at all. in the beginning, every building north or left and right of the palace will be destroyed pretty soon.

for starters, place a tower about one peasant`s house size away from the palace at his lower left and lower right edge. the marketplace is placed straight south below the little white rock there. south of it, the hall of lords will be placed.

next, you have to build a tower at the righten site of the inn. later, another one has to be build at a little greater distance to the palace on the other site (left of it). these two towers might get attacked by the dragon. thats why you have to grade em up asap. as long as the dragon is not in range, a small defense flag for like 100-300 on the towers will help your peasants to survive to finish the towers..

its pretty important to have an eye on the number of peasants and build projects, since its pointless to place new buildings when nobody is there to actually build em. thats why only 3 build projects simultanously make sense - 2 peasants per project. keep in mind, that peasants will try to repair damaged buildings, what reduces the number of "available" peasants for the projects.

anyway, i went for the hall of lords, since i had some trouble with the serpents. but a lv 8 ranger can kill a whole nest, next he got a cleric to help him. the thing is, that there are sometimes waves of serpents heading for your palace. these waves kinda directly head for the edges of your palace. thats why you have to build towers there to stop em. otherwise you will get overrun by them, since they are joint later by minotaurs and the vermin from the sewers and graveyard.

as soon as you have four towers, the map starts to get easy ^^ the first two towers from the beginning secure the whole southern part of your town (straight south, no monsters are approaching). the other two will need some backup later, i prefere to put a dwarven tower right in front of the palace (north). dont mind the northern houses by the way, the will get destroyed frequently, but who cares ^^

try to upgrade your palace pretty soon, too and get the
use your heroes to destroy all serpent nests you can find while increasing your defense line so it wont collapse when the dragon attacked and the serpents come in a wave.

when building guilds and hiring rookie heros, its a good tactic to put a defense flag on a lvl 1 hero to have him protected by the cleric(s). for the end fight, i found dwarves really usefull since they have a pretty high magic resistance. paired with enough clerics (3+), they can take the dragon down at about lvl 12+. but before that, you have to visit the witch - and better save the game ^^
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