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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1... shouldn't have to tell you where to find it
2. port llaffan

+. zere rocks mountain east ofdourbridge
+. bloomingdale where you get the boat
+. gleeba just north of bloomingdale
+. batsureg further north of that
+. swinedimples academy after heading back to the marshes south of batsureg and then down to the bottom and east and then north east into snowy territory
i did post #9 about what happens after you get all seven fyggs...but from what you posted-you have all seven, (1)alltrades abbey/tower, (2)Port llaffan, (3) Zere Rocks, (4)Bloomingdale, (5)Gleeba, (6)Batsureg, (7)Swinedimples academy. those are all seven. the next steps are on post #9. hope it helps.
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