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Re: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Sky Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gu

ok...well there is only seven which you have, so now you can zoom to alltrades abbey and then go to the blue tree by there and hop onto the starflight express. there will be a quick scene and then you will wake up in wormood creek. the stuff that happens there is pretty self explanitory, but after you are told to leave town, leave and follow the road north out of wormwood creek and stay on the path until it passes a bridge and enters a forest. go to the cave there which is also called hope springs. head through it and you will see a hole, go to it and enter, another scene, leave the hole and another scene will occur. head back to wormwood creek and go to the crumbling guardian statue, another scene then go to the church and go to the stone to the right of the priest and examine it. you will find a necklace, and go back to hope springs and give it to the girl. she will then tell you she will help you open the next dungeon. go west-the upper portion of the map- try to avoid encounters in this area because the dungeon is relatively long. you will eventually reach the dungeon if you keep to the west. once at the dungeon entrance the girl will open the path for you. the boss you will face at the end has 2000 HP-12500 XP-3050 gold.-oh and the boss has a wide range of abilities and a couple do lots of damage so make sure your character(s) are both strong attack and defense.
Hope this helps.
(if enyone is wondering some of the above i got from the guide by BradyGames)
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