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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Originally Posted by Spokkersan View Post
So I looked at an Arcade bundle that Target had for $130 + $30 gift card. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found. Best Buy has a ton of Arcade bundles for $150, but at that price I still feel like a sucker. A Fry's near me has the Elite Spring Bundle for $250. It comes with a 120gb hard drive, Forza 3 and Halo 3: ODST, but again, sucker.
I got the last arcade at my Target right after E3. $130 and a $50 GC. The funny thing was that I almost blew $200 on the arcade the week before E3.

I really wanted to say "fuck MS" and just buy a PS3, but I have like 50 360 games sitting here -- lots unopened -- and I couldn't stand the thought of like not having something to play them on.
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