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Re: new Xbox slim still have hardware problems?

Originally Posted by Spokkersan View Post
Today I got yet another trio of flashing red rings on my first-generation model 360. That is my third Xbox 360 and will be my fourth warranty repair (three years for three red rings). They are sending the shipping label within the next three days. Sucks I have to box it up myself. They used to send their own box, affectionately nicknamed the 360 coffin.

So I looked at this slim model like the sucker that I am (I should really just stop buying Microsoft products, but I'm in too deep!) and it doesn't seem like a good option for someone who is in limbo.

First, the hard drive slot on the slim model is not compatible with my 20gb hard drive. I would have slapped the 20gb on the slim 360, copied over my saves to a USB stick that I already have, and then copy over my saves to the 250gb hard drive. However, in order to transfer saves, you have to shell out another goddamn $20 for a transfer cable.

In a word: no.

So I looked at an Arcade bundle that Target had for $130 + $30 gift card. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found. Best Buy has a ton of Arcade bundles for $150, but at that price I still feel like a sucker. A Fry's near me has the Elite Spring Bundle for $250. It comes with a 120gb hard drive, Forza 3 and Halo 3: ODST, but again, sucker.

I'm out a 360 for another month, and this was the only time I actually had time to play (it always seems to work out like that).

I just hope they don't give me the same 360 back, but a newer model that doesn't break as often.
$20 for a transfer cable isn't that bad, but they should of made it possible to transfer with a standard USB cable.

If you don't want to invest in another M$ product, you could always get a PS3. Then when your 360 comes back next month, you'll have both.

As for me, I was browsing GameStop yesterday and there were some people talking about Gears 3. That got me thinking about how much I loved Gears 1-2. Before I sold my elite (because of multiple red ring attacks) Gears 2 was the only 360 game I played for considerable amounts of time. I never got caught up in the Halo hype; and I'm not that into western rpgs, so Mass Effect isn't really my thing. No, Gears 2 was my love on the 360, and the E3 footage of Gears 3 looked great.

As I have stated in earlier post, I have been thinking about buying another 360, but I'm afraid of being once again sucked into the revolving door of red ring hell. I don't want to have to send my console in for repair on a bimonthly basis while watching the money I spent for a Xbox Live subscription swirl down the drain. However, I almost put my fear behind me yesterday. I stood in Gamestop over an hour arguing with myself about buying a 360 slim.

But as the great debate drug on, I started to realize something. Other than Gears 3, there just isn't anything else the 360 has to offer me. As I have already stated, I don't like Halo or Mass Effect, and other than Gears and Reach M$'s E3 was devoid of games. Literally every other game the 360 has that I am remotely interested in is multiplatform, so I could just get them for the PS3 (and probably would anyway since there is a lot of modding on Xbox Live). When I originally got a 360, the PS3 didn't have many good games that interested me, but the 360 did. Now, things seem to have done a 180. Today, PS3 seems to have an iron grip on the action/adventure genre, my favorite genre, and has finally started putting out games with good multiplayers.

Is it worth setting myself up for more frustration for one game? After all, I'm pretty sure that Gears 3 will be the last in the series. "But it's gears," my inner six-year-old cried. Also, is it too late to travel back to the world of Xbox 360? After all, I have started hearing rumors about the 720 coming out in 2012; and after completely abandoning the original Xbox, I wouldn't put it passed M$ to do the same with the 360. Sure, they claim the 360 will have a ten year life span, but they also claimed that Windows Vista would be the replacement for XP. "But it's Gears, sniff, sniff." Well, fuck Gears. It's just to big a risk for me to want to gamble.

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