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Red face Re: Endless Ocean: Blue World Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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This is really a great game, have played many, but this has been so entertaining. Aside from the Goblin Sharks, not much has scared me. I have found the main Atlantic Treasure but trying to finish the side challenges. The one I'm having a hard time with believe it or not is preventing the whales from beaching themselves, I get the first two, but then can't figure where I'm supposed to be. I look to the north, then, oh no! It's too late! Help!
O.K. So after the first two whales you look to the north, but you don't just look. You must have your pulsar out and swim to the north. The whale should appear and then you have to pulse it. Then I believe it will say there is one to the south. Do the same thing; swim to the south with the pulsar. After you have pulsed the south whale, it should say there are two to the east, but don't worry they don't swim that fast. After that you're done, and it might take you a couple of tries.
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