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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

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I defeat the king quite easily and here's how. Build as many Ship's of the Line as possible and block off every square of ocean. When the king's ships get close sink every one with his army on-board. When he runs out of ships he will surrender. I have never lost a single city to the king's men. If he does manage to land an army attack his "landing party" until every one is killed. Good luck and remember "Freedom is not free", vote McCain-Palin!
easy win colonization. defeated king on pretty high level.
keep your gold pile low. at all times. buy at least 2 preferebly 3 galleons to keep it low. start piling up the resources. shipout ground products if you need some cash. this will ensure the tax increase affacts those items. so you can refuse the increase of the tax. refuse on all except for the goods you're pilling up to sell for hefty profits. pile up using wagontrains!

once you have enough for like 6 shipments of filled galleons (so 1800 products start selling and buying elderly statemen instead (or train alot before hand). at this time your rebel sentiment should be 0%.
If you can, try getting the 25% reducting of bought units congressmen!
now start increasing it with at least 2 elderlystatesmen in every city and a printing press. and make sure all your units are in the city etc.
and start building ship of the line in all your city's with shipyards.

when you get around 30% start shipping the goods to europe.
when you're over 50% make sure the last batch has arrived in europe.
sell everything. NOW buy alot of ship of the line. this is important. with the remaining money (should be about 7K since those ships are expensive buy troops to fill up the galleons.) (that's why 3 galleons is better)
launch them all to America. Declare independance. you're troops will arive bofore the kings troops. so you'll have plenty of time.

now all you have to do is sink his ships. for every man-o-war you attack, make sure you have a back-up ship of the line to sink it.
win ratio is better than 2:1
in most cases the king will have between 3 to 6 ships. so if you have 12 ships of the line, it's an auto-win. sink his ships and chose the withdraw upgrade. repair you're dameged ships in city's.

move you're galleons to deploy the troops where he lands. (make sure he can't sink your galleons with troops on board!!) kill troops. king retreats to get more troops. repeat.

if you sink all his ships and he has 800000000000 soldiers left in Europe. you still win. so the key is naval suppiriority

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