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Question Re: For help with the trees

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So, you turn the corner, go over the dark brown mound thingie, and OMG OUT POPS MEGA EVIL TREE. he growls. Your fear is indicated by #1 in the diagram.
2. YOU know what to do! You raise up your magic pocket watch and stop that thing right there! (hold down 'J' and press 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' in a circle a few times really fast)
3. This tree is now frozen! QUICK. turn around and run over on top of the second mound! BE QUICK. If you are not quick, the tree will unfreeze and come to the second mound, and you will have to run to the other side (by the garden building gazebo thing) and make him come over there, and freeze him again.
WHEN YOU GET TO THE SECOND MOUND, you should be safe! Alice will ask you if you think it has gone, and McTwisp will say that he thinks the tree has gone for now. Really, guys. If you had this much trouble with your first enemy freeze, I wish you LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of luck with the rest of the game. It gets a LOT harder. good luck, and I hope I helped.
IF I DID HELP YOU, PLEASE GIVE ME A REP POINT BY clicking on the little scales under my name!! thanks so much!
ive been trying that for a while now, but it won't work. i freeze the thing and right when i get to the second mound the thing unfreezes and comes after me.
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