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Re: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Tips Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

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How do you mean he's blocking your power? You have to wait until he's down on the ground and recovering from his head blow, and you have to quickly injure him before he's up on his feet again. If you managed to get rid of two hearts, and can't get the third, it's probably just because you ran out of time. And normally, he'll stop in his rotation on his own after running around the circle a couple times.
after i get rid of his two hearts he comes after my character and if he cant get me after 3 times of trying to kill me he'll go back and try to get Alice. now when he goes to get her i'll throw a rock and i'll try to throw another but he comes up on his legs and comes back down and it like sends a block to where i cant get the rocks off the ground. it happens every time. and the only things that happen when my time is up, is that it will restart from when i came into the garden or whatever.
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