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Re: Supreme Commander 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

The bets method I have found, which leaves it open for you to do as you please is the following (may be restricted if using start timer)

Use UEF, build 4 mass extractors and 2 research stations, keep mixing between research stations and power until you have 8 power stations and 5 research, this will be slow, but will pay off.

For research unlocks, only do the top Row for these (quicker build, cheaper build, research boost, then mass boost, then mass convertors). As soon as you have built 5 convertors build as many power generators as you can, then you can really start doing some serious damage, after that, do what you want, but i recommend lots of air defence, and adding air/direct fire defenses to buildings for that first assault.
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