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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

The game is very very easy, because trade is broken.
You can find some semi-friendly country with a big wad of cash, usually india is very good for this, and just ask them to trade some of your money for some of theirs... after a few trades you will be able to get more and more of theirs for less and less of yours.

So with a few powerful economies basically handing you all their lunch monies for free, you can outproduce and outresearch everyone else.

Also, this lets you get their research for free, just ask to trade a large lump of cash for the same amount of their cash + some tech.

Pretty fast you will have all the tech thats been researched already, and with a large number of labs under your control (being financed by your generous friends), your tech level will rise like a rocket, and you get the real great techs before anyone else has gotten anything worth while.
Siccing your phaser tanks on people who has yet to get even the storm hunter tank is not a battle, its just a massacre.

After this, the hardest part of battles is to disband all the crap units you inherit every time a nation crumbles.

One thing that annoys me, is I have a very very powerful computer, and still the game moves at the speed of molasses, once everyone has finished gearing up for war, so if anyone have any ideas on how to speed the game up, please share.
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