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Re: Final Fantasy CC Crystal Bearers Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guide

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On there is a clip of how they do it. Basicly you throw things at him. chests, snow balls and there are statues center fence area. One tecnique is to stun him first then throw somthing at him when he is down. Another way is to fast pace throw the item before he can hit you or you can wait till he does a big move with fire and get out of range quickly pick up somthing while he is doing his fire and throw it at him. Every time you pick him up he will throw fireballs at you so sheild yourself when you throw him.
You can also equip the accessory that makes you do damage when rolling and try to hurt him that way. Plus when you hit him with a roll he will be knocked down sometimes, instead of recovering, which gives you time to pick up somethig to hit him with.
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