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Noah cannon assault uef strategie. Get all of the mass you can, build lots of power, research buildings , and AA emplacements. Tech up the structure tree to Noah cannons. While doing this, pump out interceptors and a few bombers out of air factory. You should have about 2000 mass and tons of power at this point, as well as tons of tech points. Build 2 cannons, and assign one engi to each to speed up the already blazing build time of rockheads. Then tech the land tree (this is why you neeeeeeeeeeed research) fast till you have shields,triple guns, tank AA and are going up the combat experience zone. Now continuously load and fire full salvos ( which is a lot) at the enemy base. Tech up more and build more noah as needed. Note: this is a better stray for team games, asyou will need to spend precious mass on anti ground or naval units. If the enemy does something smart...ADAPT. Don't follow this strat to the letter if it doesn't work. You may or may not want to say round one, fight as you launch your attacks. Happy killing.
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