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Re: Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guide

Hi guys, I've just ended TLF once again (1 time on normal mode and about 3 times on hero mode just because i wanted to buy all of the upgrades for the planes and discover all of the secrets). I've got 100,82% of ending a game (which is weird) - 100% plot, 100% missions and "only" 99,60% of equipment. I don't want to end this game for the fifth time just because i missed one part to the scatter gun but i want to have fully 100%. So my question is - does anybody know where I can find this part of weapon ?? (P.S. When you look at the equipment in menu there are a dots near all 4 weapons. Dots are in line - first line has 3 dots, second line 2 dots and third and forth line has one dot. This part what I'm looking for is connected to the last dot in the "3 dots line" near the scatter gun). Uff, hopefully you'll understand me cause my english is not very good as you see. greetings
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