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Re: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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How do you access the bakugan you have purchased in the game? My son tells me he's bought a bunch of bakugan and cards during the game, but when it comes time to battle, he can't "find" them?? I've looked in the instruction booklet and online and can't find the answer. Thanks.
(This is how its done for the WII version, as its the version I have)
Just before you start a battle you have the screen were there is an option called "Deck" or similar. Choosing this brings up 2 decks (each having 3 bakugan, and a set of cards). Move to the deck you want to change and press the "2" button on the wiimote. You then need to choose the bakugan/card that you wish to swop out and the list of alternatives should appear next.

Another way to change is by going into your "Room" at the city screen. Choose the deck option there (think its the first one).

In both case above remember to choose "Finish" instead of going back or the changes you make will be lost.

Please excuse if anything unclear above, working from memory, and memory not 100% after new years eve:-)
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