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Red face Re: Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guide

The best way to find things like precurssor orbs and treasure chests on the ground is to upgrade the blue eco powwers all the way to get the eco mite.

also any1 having trouble finding the 5 jaguar ship parts;

1. Brink Island- right next to you when you take off from the island with Tym(the old man)
2.Brink Island- under the island itself.
3.Far Drop- in that wierd tower/rock formation behind the phantom blade. near the back of the formation.
4.Aeropan Barracks- near landing area. fly around where you are supposed to walk.
5. Sector Zero-near the bottom of a spiral stone pillar. sry, but i forgot which one exactly.(this is the hardest.)

i hope this helps!
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