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Cool Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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it happens all the time. i've been on both ends of the match where the "serve-point-glitch" happens. some players get so frustrated (me included) that they just forfeit the game. i wish EA would fix this glitch.... note, though, that i've won most of the matches inspite of the glitch. it can be done. good luck!
I have also been on both ends of the serve-glitch. I feel bad both ways. When the serve glitch works in my favour, I slow down the serves but not to the point of "floaters", and this, simply to get the glitch out of the way and get the game going. I admit it is gratifying to win but terribly unsatisfying if it is going to be because of a software bug. I'm in it for the fun, and not for the pursuit of some imaginary tennis ranking that doesn't really mean a whit.
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