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Re: Next Show (Ep24): Your Input

Originally Posted by Richard Naik View Post
1) it's perfectly possible to form an opinion on a game without finishing it. Very, very rarely does endgame content sway my opinion of a game, and the fact that a game can't keep my attention long enough to finish it is damning in and of itself.
Doesn't this seem like a false issue? Academically it might be worth arguing the point. But in practice, it seems like it comes up most often when a review is given that fans do not like. And they grasp at any reason they can, to find fault with the review or the reviewer.

Which is part of a greater issue of fanboys. They are very vocal, and often attack a reviewer personally.

They will say you are not a real reviewer, or your whole review is voided, because of one mistake they "claim" you have made. And those are the ones that are polite enough not to simply swear at you up and down.
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