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Re: Next Show (Ep24): Your Input

I think it is an understood fact, that review scores are higher than they used to be.
It is not 1994 any more, Five is no longer an average or normal score.

What most people dont know, is that 7 is no longer the average score either. Because of some number crunching in 2006 by Matthew Gallant, we can see IGN's most frequently given score is an Eight. And they are not alone. In the same time frame, 34 websites had an average score of 8 or higher.

How can you have "great" as your most frequent review rating?


My other big question, would be:

What do you think of the concept of the "Correct" review. There seems to be a popular notion, that reviewing a game is like doing a math equation. Everyone should come to the same conclusion.

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