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Next Show (Ep24): Your Input

The topic for Episode 24, recording this Sunday October 25th, is The Myths of Game Criticism. Among the "myths" we are considering:

1) Critics should be required to finish games before writing a review.

2) The goal of a "proper" game review should be to inform the reader as to whether they should or should not buy a game.

3) Those who write about games are not journalists, rather, should be considered "enthusiast press" or simply "games writer."

4) There is no difference between a "review" and a "critique".

5) The explosion of blogs, podcasts, and Twitter has rendered formal game reviews obsolete.

6) Individual game critics and review sites are under constant, unrelenting pressure from aggregate sites to change scores.

7) Game scores are often purposefully tweaked to either generate controversy or avoid it.

8) A reader should not need to be familiar with the author of a review in order to derive value from it.

Any comments on these? Are there other "myths" you'd like confirmed or debunked? Share your ideas here and we'll discuss them on the show!
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