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on hornet's nest(last level in Stalingrad), what do you have to destroy? is it the planes or the ground things? cuz it says to destroy the transports, and if those are the planes, im still having trouble. anyone know what to do
In order to achieve this level, first kill the transport planes. Use your flight crew to your advantage by ordering them to attack the current objective by using the directional pad and pushing it to the right or #3 as in the owner’s manual. Continue to do so until you have killed 30 planes. Make sure even though you shoot an enemy plane and it’s a smoker that the yellow disappears from you radar screen (as a kill) and then move on to the next, continuing to order your flight to attack the main objective. Once you have completed 30 planes in 8 minutes 30 seconds, the game will announce you have completed the mission and give a secondary mission to kill the ground guns. There will be a display to the bottom left showing how many to kill. I believe it will show 8 tanks/guns. Now there will be many targets on the ground that you can shoot, next to the spot lights. Do not do shoot these as it will cause you to fly around forever looking for the targets. Do not kill the planes that are attacking you either. The best thing to do is order your flight to attack the current objective then look on your map and see the blinking yellow points on the map, should show to the top left as a rectangle. That's where your flight (blue dots) will be congregating showing you the area you need to fly to (air field). Once you arrive to the air field you will see the current objective lit up in red with a star/circle above it. Using your missiles take out each one but continue to use the X button to light up the next target on the objective after you kill each. While doing this tell your flight to shield you to prevent being shot down by enemy planes. When you reach zero kills on the bottom left the game will announce that the objective is complete and to now leave the battle zone. Fly to the yellow flag and the mission is over. Takes some work as it took me about 30 try's to figure it out. But now you have the instructions.........go get them. Good luck and happy gaming, T-bone El Paso Texas. ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT!!
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