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Re: Suggest an album.

I've never been the biggest industrial music fan, and I used to hate combichrist, though i'm liking their newer stuff. May have been more of a case of them being forced upon me by my ex, I think I may have just hated them by default.

Celldweller sound quite good I may just look into them, though at times they seem to sound too linkin park for my tastes.

Also, while i'm up for all the music discussion, if anyone mentions neuroticfish during this industrial discussion, I may go on a GameCritics killing spree.

Had anybody heard the new Killswitch Engage album yet? Its a damn good one.

Also I thought it may be a good idea to post links to vids from the artists I mentioned earlier, i'll do so in my original posts.

I also feel now might be the time to introduce everyone to one of my all time favourite bands ever lolz. Dir En Grey. J-rock at its finest, although it is quite difficult to classify their music into one genre, beleive me I've tried. Theres just so much diversity in their music, along with plenty of aggression and emotion. And their has some actual meaning to it in the modern day, going from topics of rape to social politics. I actually wrote a 30 minute seminar presentation on their music, image and social impact for university. Quite good.

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