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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

I'm all for it: "name and shame." Allows me to disconnect as soon as I see their personas. I too have been getting these "cheats" which I first thought were online glitches until they began to occur too regularly. Annoying. I also find annoying people who lob constantly no matter what's going on. I've began to disconnect when I encounter them. No fun. I see this mostly with people who play the Serena Williams character. Wouldn't happen in real tennis except for the really low level players I suppose.

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Cheers to you all for this thread. Now I knowI'm not crazy.
Its time we started listing these weak A holes. NAME AND SHAME!!!
USA- ImSoStoned is todays first.
Will update this when more encountered. Have run into several. Would be useful if there was an option to play in own country too as lag seems much less an issue.
For a true game look for "SayHiToYaMom" or "Shanosan". Both from Australia.
.......Anyone for tennis??
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