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hey, as the allies how can i complete the mission to stop akerman (president) from attacking the soviets?
make at least 4 century bombers. put tania in one of them (with 4 spies) and leave the other 3 empty. then, let your century's fly to the backside of there base, behind the big president's heads. there're allmost no turrets. let your century drop tania and spies, than order the century's to bomb the turrets on your way to the launch building. let the spies look like one of your enemy's. then, order them to walk to the enemy and buy their soldiers with their special ability. let tania run to the launch building and destroy it. ( in the meanwhile you have to freeze the car of there president. its riding at the sides of the map. don't destroy it cause than you fail the mision)

i hope you understand it cause my english is not that great
cause i'm dutch
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