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Cool Re: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

Originally Posted by Lili-kins View Post
How do i "play"? all i know how to do is drink tea, buy noodles, take them to limelights and do fishing and bug catching. That's all i can do. is there a game to play or no? My mum said she would be able to figure it out but she cant do it either. Help us please!

thanks much!
Hi dude
Trust me there is much more to the game than you think. Have you tried going to the school yet? They teach you a ton about the magic. You can look for treasure and even become invisible! It is sort of confusing at times but you'll get through it. Trust me the game is fun!! Since you know about fishing and catching bugs when you catch them bring them over to the pink tower on the left side of the river and find the books that have eyeballs. Then feed your fish and bugs to them and you'll get crystals and shade pieces which help to turn invisible later. You can also go into the forest and catch stuff. If you follow the forest all the way there is a cave with water in it. You can catch some crazy things there from bugs to turtles!!! Now if you need more help just write a question and I can totally help. I just got the game and I love it!! Hope I helped!! Bye
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