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Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

i am hr 6 and on g rank quest, finished every village quests... so you should trust me. this is the order of armor you have to have when you are a blademaster, longswords are the best, first make:

_bone armor set
_then hermitaur set
_then ceanetaur set
_then tigrex set
_then kushala set (on of my favorites, i still use it)
_and when you are high rank, make blangonga u with jems for anti earthquake
_and when u are g rank, make nagaruga s armor, it is the best
_and when you are finished make white fatalis armor.

hope it helped you.

oh yeah, and how do you play online on internet, doesn t work for me.
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