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Re: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

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How do i "play"? all i know how to do is drink tea, buy noodles, take them to limelights and do fishing and bug catching. That's all i can do. is there a game to play or no? My mum said she would be able to figure it out but she cant do it either. Help us please!

thanks much!
There is a lot to do in Magician's Quest. As the title suggests, you are on a quest. You have classes, three new ones each week, one per teacher so be certain to go to school and learn your lessons.

The town people will give you clues as to what you are to do in your quest. Quests appear after each Mystery Time. When M/T begins, watch closely, you will be given a clue as to what your mystery will be, but the mystery you have to solve does not begin until the following day, after M/T ends.

During M/T don't forget to stop down in front of the bank and take your lessons out of doors. Some are really challenging, others are quick and simple.

Best of all, have fun and enjoy the game! If you can Wi-Fi with others and go visiting or have visitors it ads to the fun of playing the game.
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