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Re: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strateg

In the game; tire & rim dimensions do not alter your cars performance at all. its simply for the image. This to be proven get the 240 sx its cheap and easy to drive and make one set of rims and tires a small sport look such as 18-17 inch rims with tire profile of like 40-45 and a width of 255. race a course. then go back to the same tire and raise them to like 24 inch rims with a tire profile of 20 and a width of 195. the car will still handle just the same.

For the dub tourneys it has nothing to do with how well your car is tuned because midnight clubs engine will only make your opponents match your cars tune. in this case its on hard so they will be slightly faster. To beat these races all you have to do is drive good. avoid cars use nitrous wise and handle turns and youll win. i beat all three races in a tuned evo.
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