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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Originally Posted by Virgil View Post
Done some homework.

Classes and their use:
Fighter - Shields and Dual wield.
Monk - Knuckles.
Thief - More gold on chests, Bow.
Priest - Healing magic.
Mage - Offensive Magic.
Enchanter - Enchant Magic.
Knight - Healing magic to level 5.
Ninja - Shurikens, Reduce detections.
Samurai - Samurai swords.
Anchor - Healing and Offensive magic.

Fighter - Guard, Berserk, Wild Rage.
Thief - Back step, Taunt, Bandit.
Monk - Rush, Bash, Rage.
Mage - Gain, Force Chant, Reduce.
Priest - Gain, Aid Chant, Comfort.
Enchanter - Gain, Low Chant, Fatal Blow.
Anchor - Gain, Uick Chant, Teleport.
Knight - Guard, Shield Bash, Chivalry.
Samurai - Rush, Monkey Fist, Dragon Claw.
Ninja - Back step, Yin Jitsu, Yang Jitstu.

Line up as of now:
28 - Samurai/Monk/Priest
27 - Knight/Fighter/Monk
27 - Enchanter/Priest/Thief
26 - Ninja/Mage/Monk
26 - Anchor/Mage/Thief
25 - Theif/Knight/Fighter

Job Cards:
Samurai and Ninja - are in the chests in Monster Realm, also dropped by mobs in Badlands.

Knight - dropped by living armor in ruins or was it cemetery.
Anchor - at the chapel, also dropped by Goblin Mimics in 6th floor of "tower tough challenge".

Enchanter - cards from the river (Near the "Find Henry" Quest), also dropped by Enchanter Goblins in Lake Arakatora.

I'll try to add more info.

do u think job cards will drop from mobs even if u just use auto combat coz im sick of fyting manually for 3 hours waiting for the job card enchanter to drop -_-
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