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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Brad, I will assume you are talking about Bonsai Barber. If not, everyone just consider it a gift!

The whole objective of the game is to cut and style the "hair" of plants. There are given outlines and you are trying to reach the 5-star status on each style by cutting, trimming, and painting the leaves of different plant creatures. Each character has different attributes to their hair that makes each unique.

Nothing is stopping you from cutting your own unique style or just messing around. My girlfriend's mom spent about 15 minutes chopping different styles, trying to cut off tongues, and snipping at a bird's wings.

All control is done with the Wii-mote which is used mostly as a pointer, with button pressing to select the different tools and then having said tool operate (snip, snip).

I am considering posting a review within the week, so I won't say much more than that for now. Hope it helps.
I miss my N64 controller...

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