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Smile Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Hi everyone!! You can call me Red.. I have been playing valhalla for almost a month now.. The game is really cool!!!.. Right now my party is maxed out and I have a lot of extras at my guild(Weak extras, ahahaha). Samurai/Fighter lvl 45, Thief/Mage lvl 59, Echantress/Mage lvl 48, Ninja/Knight lvl 45, and Anchor/Mage lvl 48. Leveling up is the really hard.. ahahah!! It really takes time. But it's fun.. Right now I'm almost ending the game. Unfortunately I'm still lacking some items and equipments. Can someone tell me where to find such items that are unique and that are appropriate for each job??

Anyway for newbies the best part to level up is at hazewood cementary after mendale caves that is after mount fibuledo. Where within that room you can see lots of monsters almost 10 I guess. The best thing about this monsters is that they are weak and they give a lot of experience but there is one monster there called a medusa or a medulian that has a chance in petrifying your character everytime it strike so keep a clear bottle with you handy and if you have a priest that has a skill called 'CLEAR' much better just save your mana though.

I see that you were all arguing what character is best once you start the game. Well, for me i choose a fighter and after i got the 1k from slum i immediately hire a priest. It really doesn't matter what character you got in the first place as long as you have a priest with that learns how to aid your tanker in combat. Just bring extra hp bottles with you.

One more thing, you can also get a mechanical or a robot character once you got to fortmas. At first it was cool when I see how it looks like. but when I use the character.. IT sucks i told you. Doesn't have any armor and stuffs all it can carry is weapons like cannons, guns and chainsaws, but what's good about them is you can melt armor and add certain resistance to them like poison and sickness resistance etc., however the payment for this tune up is really expensive it increases everytime you melt something to your robot.

Well that's it. I think that long enough for a novel.. aahahaha.. well anyway.. for questions just post to this site. and i will answer it to all that i've got... ahahaha..
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