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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

Originally Posted by Siegheart View Post
well im guessing none of you have made it as far as me in the game since u all complain about the first quest but if you have.. why cant i add rosalind into my party >.< i talked to her and it said shes my ally and all after she broke me out of jail but..shes not in the ally list still >.>...and also i have a few more questions

which area/mob drops ninja and samurai classes

where can i get the final armors example: berserker armor/helm/gloves/etc

and whats the point of the tower in the forest..ive made it to lvl 9 so far (didnt try to go farther yet)

my Characters stats/build\/
str:99 int:44 res:43 vit:99 spd:24 skl:33 lck:39 hp:822 mp:74

Fi:27 Ma:20 Pr:20 Th:20 Mo:20 An:20 Kn:26 En:20

currently im Kn/An/En and unbeatable xDD except for the freaking grotto >.>
You can find Samurai and Ninja cards in badland. I found samurai card from Ronin and Ninja card from High Ninja. The cards can also be found in Monster Realm as well. As for the tower, I think its a good place to make some money. There are some rare drops in NT and I've found some pretty good ones. Also, after reaching the 10th floor, you will be asked a question if you want to take the challenge. If you do, you will be ported back to 1st floor and there will be new monsters. Their hp is a bit higher.
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