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Re: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

Alright I need some Help !!

Im trying to complete achievements but i seem stuck.

This is my stats as of now:
Popularity: 84%
Hide & Seek: 20/20
Ninja Race: 7/20
Ramen Delivery: 7/10
LoveLorn Villagers: 13/22
Ninja Missions: 23/25
Social Quests: 17/24
Ancient Coins: 426/521
Gold Coins: 86/117
Scrolls: Strength, Fury, Rage, Weapons, Mastery, Protection, Chakra Sponge, Resistance, Windfall.
Max Upgrade on Ramen !
Level 3 on Chakra Concentration
Level 4 on Strength

1. Leaf Village Sleuth-unlocked
2. Famous Ninja-unlocked
3. The Way to Fame-unlocked
4. Chunin Candidate-unlocked
5. Way of the Branch-unlocked
6. A Ninja in the Leaves-unlocked
7. The Untouchable Ninja-unlocked
8. Land of Waves Hero-unlocked
9. BodyGuard-unlocked

This is my status as of now !!!

I am unable to get anymore missions or upgrade anything due to my point deficiency, that i spent on maximizing my weapons.

The only available options I have is to collect Coins, finish the Ninja race, Ramen Delivery, Lovelorn Villagers.

My question is do i need to complete all this first before i can take on missions? Because no missions are being offered to me.

Also when completing achievements like points in the forest of Death Exam - How do i start the exam and how do i start it with another character?

Thank you,
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