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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

I finished the game even in revolutionary.. there is only a few hints.. not produce any bells untill it is time to rebel.. build in every town newspapers and printing presses and do not produce any soldier untill then .. only stock rifles and horses in wagon trains.. keep your population mostly 30 and have only three colonies.. when you decide to rebel.. place your all elderstatesmens for bells.. IT IS HEL IMPORTANT TO NOT PRODUCE BELLS UNTILL YOU HAVE 3 ELDERSTATESMEN IN EVERY TOWN AND ALL TOWNS HAVE PRINTING PRESS AND NEWS PAPER AND ONLY HAVING LESS THAN 30 PEOPLE INCLUDING YOUR EVERYMAN IN THE MAP AND NOT PRODUCE ANY SOLDIER UNTILL YOU PRESS ON START REVVOLUTION BUTTON.. with this method you will be able to revolt in 5 or 6 turns after starting producing bells.. and king will have added mostly 2-3 soldiers 1-2 dragons 1-2 artilary and maybe a man o war...then after pressing on start revolition make your all people deragons with rifles and horses in you stocked stocks or in wagon trains.. you will have at least 27 dragons ass king will have 10-12 soldiers 5-6 dragons.. and 5-6 artileries..if you do not wait in fortesses and fight on open areas your dragoons will surely destroy their soldiers and artilleries.. only problem is kings dragoons.. you will mostly need 2 dragoons against 1 kings dragoons.. but you will easily win because they will come in waves and youır wounded dragoons will heal until the next wave comes..
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