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surefire way to increase rebel sentiment is to have a soldier or ten in the regiment of each city. even if you're producing bells like crazy your people won't want to revolt if they don't have protection from the most badazz infantry units ever...purple and brown?? come on people!
the more soldiers you have the larger the kings army will get. to keep it low you only need a soldier in each city. your scouts also count as soldiers. start early getting a statesman build a school and educate more statesman. as your population grows you will need them. build printing press and newspapers as soon as you can this will draw more founding fathers and much faster and earlier in the game. when its time buy your soldiers, they increase in price progessively 1500,1800,2100, ect.ect: need at least 5 then make dragoons out the wing wang. to help store weapons and horses aboard the wagons and ships. untill needed so you can have more than allowed by warehouses.
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