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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

well, to do the exam quest ( first one )
you have to atleast finish all the areas of the forest.
even the part where u put in the secret codes.
so as soon as u enter the forest
go straight,
open the door
go through the next door that leads u right
turn to the first door on left, go through it
turn to the door on your right
follow the path down past the two doors
there should be two paths
take the door on ur left
then there should be a cut seen of u looking up then a fungus attacking u.
there should be atleast 6 of them
so its nothing
as you end the small cutscene where the rock you were given turns into a crystal ur teleported back to the guild
so dont worry about having to walk back through the maze.

hope i helped !!
from the guy who posted right above this one
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