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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP Re

kk guys ,
to me , the fastest way to gain money on this game is doing the Colosseum.
Do the stages that best suites your level.
keep doing it until you get Armour as a prize.
sell the armour, usually they buy it for 1-3k each depending on how hard the monsters are.
or at times you get gold, but its usually really low.
another technique is to get a character who uses magic to learn analysis. so you dont have to spend 100g for each unidentified items.
(note, the colloseum is also a good way to level)
lv. 39 fighter/ sub monk lv. 51
lv. 40 monk
lv. 40 monk
lv. 41 monk
lv. 39 knight
lv. 50 preist ( idk how, so dont ask )

Guys, im currently stuck on rosellia's bday quest.
Anyone know where to find Flare and Freeze wings?
and where do I find henry?
i walked all over the river map and i still cant find him?
or am i just really blind.
little help guys?
yes . i spent more time training then doing quests lol.
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