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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finished Mirror's Edge yesterday.

I'd pretty much agree with what everyone's said about the combat. Breakdown has been coming up a lot for me lately, but it convinced me that if you're going to have the primary mode of combat in your first-person game be hand-to-hand, you need to put effort into it. A three punch combo and a couple kicks absolutely does not cut it.

Fortunately, I found all but one enemy encounter easy enough to hop, skip, and jump around, so it really didn't get on my nerves until that section of the final stage.

And the ending is another on the pile of games with stupid, abrupt, unsatisfying, money-grubbing endings that I'm really getting sick of these days. It's not even really an ending. Essentially nothing in the story of the game is resolved, or even affected, by the end of the game. These kind of endings need to go.

I enjoyed the game overall though. My brother kept complaining that I made the game "boring" by racing through stages so fast via seemingly "wrong" routes that he had never discovered, and I thought it was kind of awesome that two people playing the same game at different times (with runner vision turned off, mind) could have such totally different experiences.
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